Who We Are

Known to every possible logistic solution across the globe, Resource Logistics understand the business needs first. Incorporated in 2015, it is formed with the motive to serve business purposes logistically by utilizing the resources in its strategic manner up to the optimal value. An end-to-end support from the Team mastering every movement measured against the time, works out the best efficiency level. What also adds to our value of being the most efficient, and effective, cargo movers of the industry are our speedy processes, wherein tangent to services like packaging, bulk breaking etc. too are served. Integrated logistics parks in every strategic location, and ERP customized systems further strengthens the smooth deliverances.

Based at Bhiwandi & Mulund Resource Logistics gains a strategic importance to host services from any part of a country to any remotest field on the earth. Vast network of alliance and widespread arena in the line of business guaranteed our clienteles to stay on the promises committed to business.